#214: 91L Dutch Aquascape: Dutch Avenue
Abhishankar Adhikary, Kolkata West Bengal India
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Awards and Judge Comments


DQ: Really liked this tank and personally I had a long thought about if it should be DQ'ed or not. The foreground of just one species is what made it tumble off the chart for me. In addition, contrasts in the left part of the tank are not good enough and there is no real focus point in the tank. But then again, it was a 50/50 decision to DQ or not. Ultimately, a 51/49 split towards DQ.

Marco Aukes

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
60 x 39 x 38 cm (24 x 15 x 15 in)
91L (24 gallons)
White vinyl
1 x 36 watt Osram PLL , 2 x 20 watt LED tube
Eheim 2215
Additional Information
Lab grade Macro fertilizer. JBL Ferropol 24 as a micro fertilizer.
Dutch Avenue
Rotala Rotunddifolia Pink Rotala Macrandra Butterfly “mini” Ludwigia Arcuata Myriophyllum Mattogrossense Amenia Sp. Bonsai Didiplis Diandra Alternanthera Reineckii Mini  Ludwigia Ovalis  Luswigia palustris Heternatera Zosterifolia Monte Carlo  Lobelia Cardinalis
Otocinclus Affinis (2 ) Galaxy Rosbora (15) Neon Tetra (13) Red Sakura Shrimp(20+) Yellow Shrimp(10+)
Substrate: ADA Amazonia , ADA Power sand