#314: 300L Aquatic Garden: Reflect the blue sky
Pan jun feng, Wuzhou City Guangxi 中国 | E-mail: pjf203622 at yahoo.com
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Awards and Judge Comments

Top Ten

Amazing work, very detailed and natural. Just one comment: Take care about the front line...is too flat. More movement gives perspective and more interesting points to the layout! Congratulations!!!

André Longarco

What I like most about this scape is the small pops of color from the ember tetras and the stems at the back. Just enough color to make an impression and draw attention to the those two elements.

Shawn McBride

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
120 x 50 x 50 cm (47 x 20 x 20 in)
300L (79 gallons)
CO2 a bulb per 5 seconds
Golden halogen light 150W+2PL36W
CF1200 2PS
Additional Information
During the trip to Angkor Wat, the scene of intertwined tree's roots was seen in the tropical rain forest, the rainy season had just passed, and the rain forest in the water
Reflect the blue sky
Bucephalandra、、Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides、ECHINODORUS TENELLUS、GLOSSOSTIGMA 、ELATINOIDESHemianthus callitrichoides 'Cuba'、Hymenasplenium obscurum、Marsilea hirsuta、 Anubias、Rotala rotundifolia var、Elatine orientaris、Ludwigia arcuata、Rotala sp. ''tropica'、Vesicularia filicinum、Vesicularia montagnei、Fontinalis antipyretica、MOSS Coral reef、VESICULARIA FERRIEI、Fissdentaceae、MOSS Flame、
Flaming Light、Boraras merah、Aburakoi - KA 、Cheirodco axclrodi 、Crossocheilus reticulatus、subfamily Corydoradinae 、Black Shell Shrimp
dead wood、Decoration Sand、Stone、