#631: 454L Dutch Aquascape: Down the Rabbit Hole
Joe Harvey, Athens Alabama United States of America
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Awards and Judge Comments

First Place

I feel like I am contradicting myself a bit in my comments. Where several entries have to many plants in their tanks, I feel this one is a bit too empty. However, the plants look good, the groups show clear variations in contrast and height and it is a really nice tank to llok at. Maybe just a bit more time will grow the groups a bit bigger and take away the empty feeling. All plants are very well placed, but please replace the red Persicaria sao Paulo with a green plant.

Marco Aukes

Near perfect grouping, contrast, and spacing between the plants. The mossed sides and back add a lot to the whole aquarium.

Phil Edwards

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
122 x 61 x 61 cm (48 x 24 x 24 in)
454L (120 gallons)
Plastic mesh covered with Christmas moss (back and sides)
6 x T5HO, 54 watts each. 1x 3000K, 1x6500K, 1x420 Actinic, 2xTrueLumen Flora, 1xZoomed Flora
2 large canisters with built in surface skimmers
Additional Information
Fertilization using DIY dry salts (KNO3, KH2PO4, Ferrous gluconate, Fe DTPA, custom micro elements) Tap water, pressurized CO2, 50% weekly water changes
Down the Rabbit Hole
1: Myriophyllum guyana, 2: Acmella repens, 3: Isoetes lacustris, 4:Ludwigia sp. red, 5: Didiplis diandra, 6: Pogosteman helferi 'red', 7: Hydrothrix gardneri, 8: Penthorum sedoides, 9: Barclaya longifolia red, 10: Hygrophila siamesis 53b, 11: Bacopa colorata, 12: Oldenlandia salzmannii, 13: Limnophila aromatica mini, 14: Persicaria sao paulo.----- Wall plants: Christmas moss, Bucephalandra brownie sp, Hydrocotyle leucocephala. ------ Hardscape: Fissidens fox on Manzinita branches
18x Rasbora heteromorpha, 21x Neon tetras, 11x Pristella tetras, 9x Otocunclus, 3 x German Blue Ram juvies, 15x Amano shrimp
Blasting sand substrate, Manzanita wood covered in Fissidens fox