AGA Aquascaping Contest

Donated Prizes

We thank all our donors for their generous contributions to both the Aquascaping Contest and our Annual Convention. Prizes will be awarded for first place in each category, plus best-of-show. Ribbons will be given for all placings.

All Glass Aquarium
Donation: 2 T-Shirts.
Aqua Botanic
Donation: $ 50.00 US Gift Certificate
Aquarium Driftwood
Donation: "a large piece of lovely clean sunken driftwood" says Charlene, the convention organizer!
Aquarium Hobbyist Supply
Convention booth sponsor.
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals
Donation: 2 algae scrapers, 4 20 oz. Pure Laterite, 1 55 0z. Pure Laterite, 1 pkg Root Tabs, 3 GH KH Test Kits, 3 Phos Sorb, 2 Nitra Sorb, 1 Tap Water Filter and replacement cartridge, 2 16 oz. Leaf Zone, 2 8 oz. Leaf Zone, 12 packs of Aquarian Tropical Flake Food, 7 bottles Algae Fix.
Donation: 6 qt bottles of Ultimate conditioner for freshwater aquariums.
Arizona Aquatic Gardens
Donation: Two $50 Gift Certificates
Champion Lighting and Supply
Donation: 1 copy of Aquarium Plants by Pablo Tepoot
Energy Savers Unlimited
Donation: 1 Coralife Polaris self-priming canister filter, 264 gph.
Fancy Publications
Donation: 1 One year subscription to Aquarium Fish Magazine.
Florida Aquatic Nurseries
Donation: $100 (convention)
Freshwater and Marine Aquarium
Donation: 1 year Gift Subscription
Dave Gomberg
Donation: 1 Fabco Needle valve and 1 12-issue subscription (3-years) to Planted Aquaria Magazine.
Donation: 1 underwater filter (pond) and one pump-fountain kit
Donation: T-shirt, 1 pack pellet food, 1 pack algae wafers.
Donation: $200 Merchandise Gift Certificate
Jungle Labs
Donation: 1 pkg Aquarium Fish Care Kit, 1 pH Level Quick Dip, 1 Algae Remover, 1 pkg Fungus Clear, 1 Aquarium Kit (tablets, test strip), 1 pkg. Ick Clear.
Kent Marine
Donation: 15 assorted bottles of products: pH Minus, pH Plus, Aquatic Plant nutrients, Chlorinex, Pro-Clear, Pro-Tech Coat, Koi Essential, Ammonia Detox and brochures.
Mail Order Pet Supplies
Donation: $ 100.00 Cdn Gift Certificate
Donation: 1 Eclipse Explorer Black, 1 Eclipse System six,1 Filter, power with biowheel, 1 more filter with biowheel, 3 media-Black Diamond (8 oz.), 3 media-White Diamond (15 oz), 3 media Diamond Blend (12 oz), 3 Sipon Kleen, large., 6 aquarium heaters (2 each of 1
Monolith Marine Monsters (m3)
Donation: 2x (two units) CO2 System Econo
Donation: one bottle of Herbal Ich Attack, and 12 4oz bottles of Rid-Ich+
PlantGuild Products
Donation: One CO2 Power Reactor, One Spot Fertilizing Kit, One set of PlantGuild "Bolo" weights, assorted sizes, One set of PlantGuild "Holdfasts".
Rainbow Lifegard
Donation: 1 Pond Mini-Vac, 1 25 watt UV Sterilizer, 1 PVC handle, 1 E-Z Read Thermometer.
San Francisco Bay Brand, Inc.
Donation: 1 brine shimp hatchery kit, 2 6gm. Brine shrimp eggs, 1 1oz freeze dried plankton, 2 1oz freeze dried Brine shrimp, 2 1oz freeze dried krill
Seachem Laboratories
Booth sponsor.
T.F.H. Publications
Five water gardening books
Two Little Fishies
Donation: 6 bottles of Florasan Freshwater Supplement
ZooMed Laboratories, Inc.
Donation: $100, 1 Flora Sun 4 ft T8 bulb and 3 Power Sweep 212 pumps