#37: 416L Aquatic Garden
Ken Guin, Arlington VA USA | E-mail: kenguin at homemail.com
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Awards and Judge Comments

This is another really lovely tank! The exhibitor makes good use of large robust plants in this larger tank. I like the fact that the deep red Nymphaea is balanced by the smaller reddish plants in the front of the tank.

Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
183 x 46 x 56 cm (72 x 18 x 22 in)
416L (110 gallons)
Blue sheet plastic adhered to back glass
VHO - 320 Watts
Cannisters with sponges
Additional Information
I fertilize with PMDD, Seachem Iron, Substrate Gold with Jobes Spikes. The substrate is a mixture of Substrate Gold, gravel and sand. I inject CO2 (tank, regulator and needle valve) via a homemade reactor. I use an electronic pH monitor. My overall planting concept is to create an environment within the aquarium that will meet the needs of each individual plant allowing them to grow in a healthy manner displaying their natural beauty. Plantings are made in accordance to the plants' size, growing habits, lighting needs, color and texture. I try to blend colors, shapes, and textures to allow easy transistions from one planted area to another. The hardier and faster growning plants are placed in the back corners with easily trimmed plants located in the middle and foreground areas. Combomba, H. Polysperma and H. Zosterifolia are easily trimmed into shrub-like plants and are accordingly placed in the front corners. The Annubias and Java Ferns are strategically placed in the shaded, but viewable areas. H. Leucocephala is rooted within the A. Bateri roots and allowed to drape from the back over the Java Ferns and A. Bateri. I try to keep the front as open as possible for a feeling of depth and tranquility allowing the angels a hassle-free swimming area. A major focal point of the tank centers around the the two lotus plants that offer a wide variety of colors (mostly red) yet provide a flowing, comfortable feeling that tie the immediate surrounding areas together. This area also divides the tank into two separate visual areas.
Annubia Barteri Annubia Nana Ozelot Sword E. cordifolius (Marble Queen) Java Fern (Plain) Java Fern (Windelov) H. Polysperma (Sunset) H. micranthemoides (Baby Tears) H. Zosterifolia (Star Grass) Pigmy Swords Cambomba H. Leucocephala C. Wendtii N. lotus (Green) N. louts (Red)
Angels Cardinal Tetras Costo Rican Tetras SAEs CAEs Clown Loaches Corydorus Cats Black Tetras