#92: 110L Aquatic Garden
Karen Edwards, Shoreline WA USA
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Awards and Judge Comments

This is another pleasant tank with simple plants. The Java ferns are just lovely. I would prefer that the aquarist had chosen a gravel color that did not contrast so strongly with the lava rock in the tank. And the Ceratopteris would probably be better used further back in the tank and allowed to grow out a little longer before the pictures were taken.

Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
76 x 33 x 51 cm (30 x 13 x 20 in)
110L (29 gallons)
single 20w aquari-lux FL bulb
AquaClear 200
Java fern, java moss, water sprite, anubias
Pearl gourami, corydoras, harlequin rasaboras, cardinals, other tetra species
bogwood, rocks (river and lava)