#32: 359L Biotope Aquascape
Jim Siewerth, Arlington Heights IL USA | E-mail: jimlinjes at aol.com
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Aquascape Details

Tank Size
41 x 41 x 80 cm (16 x 16 x 31 in)
359L (95 gallons)
I glued a piece of PVC on the back wall and then glued a lot of rocks on the PVC with a glue called Cool Chem. Three bulkheads hold the PVC to the glass.
250W Metal Halide Pendant
I use Iwaki 40RLT pump into an Ocean Clear Canister.
Additional Information
Coming out into a T valve, one going to tank and one going to a CO2 system which is not hooked up at this time.
2 Anubias coffefolia, 1 Red Rubin
3 South American Leaf Fish, 1 Hyspanic Zebra, Will Add More later, 1 Red Lizard Cat
Flourite in the back and sand in the front. Two large pieces of driftood and a lot of rocks.