#46: 983L Aquatic Garden
Jeffery Senske, Houston TX USA | E-mail: jsenske at aquariumdesigngroup.com | Aquascaper Website
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Awards and Judge Comments

Third Place

Pearl weed in such great unruly mounds with the pennywort climbing over is real nice. How come it doesn

Jeff Kropp

A very nice and healthy looking environment. I think the tank could use one or several plants with larger leaves, creating (a) point(s) of focus.

Wim van Drongelen

Luxurieus growth. Create a tunnelview to background to give impression of greater depth. Turqoise rainbows need a somewhat different water quality than the plants. Good illumination!

Pim Wilhelm

This healthy tank is somewhat overgrown. On the other hand, because of the lacey texture of the plants, it manages to avoid the shaggy "jungle" look.

Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
183 x 76 x 76 cm (72 x 30 x 30 in)
983L (260 gallons)
black paint
(3) 72" VHO Twin-tube with (6) CoralLife 10,000k bulbs
Two Eheim 2260 Canister
Narrow Leaf Ludwigia, Needle Leaf Ludwigia, Micranthemum Micromoides, Java Moss, Brazilian Penneywort, Glossostigma, Eleocharis Vivipara, Rotala Magenta.
Turquoise Rainbows, Broken-Line Tetras, Cherry Barbs, Pearl Gourami, Pencilfish (unknown species), Otocinculus Catfish, Caridinia Japonica.
Substrate - Mixture of laterite, gravel, Terra-Lit & Flourite (SeaChem), and petrified wood (mostly for borders).