#53: 450L Aquatic Garden
Ilkka Kallio, San Jose CA USA | E-mail: ikallio1 at yahoo.com
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Awards and Judge Comments

Honorable Mention

Plants look very healthy. I like the idea of the sump tank. It is nice that the substrate is made invisible by the trimming

Wim van Drongelen

Camouflage left background corner. Many bottom dwelling fish species. Inventive sump use!

Pim Wilhelm

Here is another exemplary entry. The plants are in vibrant good health, and the the plant groupings show wonderful diversity of color and shape. I would prefer to see a few of the fish that supposedly inhabit the tank, but perhaps they just weren't cooperating!

Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
122 x 61 x 61 cm (48 x 24 x 24 in)
450L (119 gallons)
Black posterboard.
2 x 96 + 2 * 55 compact fluorescent
Sump tank with 4 gallon trickle filter (lava rock) and 6 gallon wet filter (polyester fiber filter floss). Rio 2500 powerhead pumps water back to main tank.
Additional Information
Sump tank is large (40 G) with submerged potted plants and reverse light cycle. This arrangement lessens daily CO2 and O2 level fluctuations. Sump tank has 2 x 55 W compact fluorescent lighting. Pressurized CO2 injection with "Tom Barr" model reactor. Fertilization is PMDD; based on measured (LaMotte test kit) NO3 levels augmented with some careful substrate fertilization via Jobes plant food sticks (Ferns & Palms variety). Targeted NO3 range is 5-10 ppm.
Cryptocoryne beckettii, Ludwigia arcuata, Echinodorus 'rubin', Hygrophila difformis, Micranthemum micranthemoides, Bacopa caroliana, Hygrophila corymbosa "Kompakt", Glossostigma elatinoides, Hygrophila corymbosa, Cryptocoryne lucens, Riccia Fluitans, Potamogeton perfoliatus, Microsorum pteropus, Ammania gracilis, Vallisneria americana "gigantea"
Phenacogrammus Interruptus, Poecilia schenops, Corydoras paleatus, Botia macracantha, Betta sp. (homegrown ;-), Crossocheilus siamensis, Otocinclus vittatus, Ancistrus temminckii, Jordanella floridae
Massive piece of driftwood, Large "lava rock", Substrate: 60% Flourite plus 40% Profile and a dash of peat. Substrate depth is 10 to 15 cm. Substrate is topped with a 2.5 cm layer of medium size aquarium gravel.