#127: 2880L Aquatic Garden: Deep Forest
Thomas Sudirgo, Jakarta DKI Jakarta Indonesia | E-mail: thomas at aquarista.com | Aquascaper Website
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Awards and Judge Comments

WOW! This aquarium must have been as big a challenge to aquascape as it is big! What I can see from the photographs looks like a very beautiful, healthy aquarium with a thriving community of plants and fish. Unfortunately the photographs, simply due to the size of the tank, don't show it off very well making it hard to judge.

Phil Edwards

It is a very big layout. The composition is in disorder.

Takashi Amano

Wow! A beautiful and truly massive tank. Clearky its size and positioning also made it a challenge to photograph. I like the sweeping school of cardinals, but this is a tank that clearly could show off some large fish to advantage. Is wish the aquarist had cleaned below the gravel line against the tank, and filled the tank up before photographing.

Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
400 x 80 x 90 cm (1.6e+02 x 31 x 35 in)
2880L (762 gallons)
5 pcs HQI 10K
Wet & Dry Filter.
Additional Information
Adent Ultimate Grow (Fertilizer), Adent Active Carbon.
Deep Forest
1.Microsorum pteropus on driftwood, 2. Anubias giganta on driftwood, 3.Anubias barteri on driftwood, 4.Nymphaea lotus [Zenkeri]'Red', 5. Cryptocoryne wendtii brown, 6. Nuphar japonica, 7. Nymphoides aquatica, 8. Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia, 9. Nuphar luthium, 10.Echinodorus 'Rubin', 11.Hygrophila Angustifolia, 12. Cryptocorine x willisii, 13.Echinodorus 'Ozelot', 14. Echinodorus bleheri, 15.Eusteralis Stellata, 16.Ludwigia repens, 17.Cryptocoryne wentii, 18. Echinodorus uruguayensis, 19.Ammania gracilis, 20. Nymphaea lotus [Zenkeri] 'Green', 21.Cryptocorine balansae, 22. Sagitaria platyphylla, 23. Echinodorus osisris (rubra), 24. Ludwigia arcuata, 25. Aponogeton crispus, 25. Vallisneria gigantea.
Cardinal Tetra; Siamese Algae Eater; Borneo Sucker.
River Sand; Lava Rocks; Driftwood.