Entry #28: 1491L Aquatic Garden: Serenity
Okie Tanujaya, Jakarta Indonesia | E-mail: okietanujaya at yahoo.com
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Awards and Judge Comments

Visually impressive aquarium with a strong sense of depth. The Altum Angels fit in well against the backdrop of liverwort covered driftwood. The sides of the aquarium are a little unorganized and the light/dark contrast ruins any feeling of unity throughout the composition. Regardless, it is still a lovely aquarium.

Phil Edwards

I think it does not fit for keeping Altum angel fish. The use of Nymphaea in the foreground negated the grand aquascape.

Takashi Amano

This is a lovely tank, with a deep, woodsy feel. It is unfortunate that the cloudy water, visible water line and equipment detract.

Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Tank Size 213 x 100 x 70 cm (84 x 39 x 28 in)
Volume 1491L (394 gallons)
Lighting 8 x 40 watts Azoo fluorescentlamps
Filtration Eheem 2260 Chiller 3/4 PK
Title Serenity
Plants NY1 Nymphaea Zenkeri “Red” NY2 Nymphaea Alba NY3 Nymphaea Species green N1 Nuphar Luteum var. Purpureo Sicnatum N2 Nuphar Pumila N3 Nuphar Sagitifolium CN Crinum Calamistratum C1 Cryptocoryne Wendtii Brown C2 Cryptocoryne Hudoroi C3 Cryptocoryne Retrospiralis C4 Cryptocoryne Albida C5 Cryptocoryne Undulatus “Broadleaf” MP1 Microsorium Pteropus “Undulata” MP2 Microsorium Pteropus “Tropical” MP3 Microsorium Pteropus “Latifolius” M1 Monoselenium Tenerum from East Indonesia (without middle line of the Thallus) M2 Monoselenium Tenerum R Riccia Fluitans
Fish/Animals Pterophyllum Altum Cardinal Tetra Red Line Rasbora Yellow Congo Amber Tetra