#26: 1400L Aquatic Garden: Wildlife
Okie Tanujaya, Jakarta Indonesia | E-mail: okietanujaya at yahoo.com
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Awards and Judge Comments

Aquascaping an aquarium this large can be a big challenge and this aquascape lives up to the challenge. The greens look fairly similar in the photo, but the good use of hardscape and trimming creates an attractive rolling effect. The large plants are put to good use as well.

Phil Edwards

It looks fantastic, and interesting. The use of Nymphaea sp. may end up breaking the balance of the layout.

Takashi Amano

You have done a nice job trying to fit some large, unusual plants into a cohesive aquascape. The plants and fish are clearly healthy and happy. Unfortunately, I do not care for the bubbling sand at all!!!

Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
200 x 100 x 70 cm (79 x 39 x 28 in)
1400L (370 gallons)
8 x Flourecent Lamp Azoo
Eheem 2260 Chiller 3/4 PK
Additional Information
Dancing Sand is a water flow from the Eheem flowing upstream from the bottom of the aquarium and covered with sand.
A1 Anubias Barteri var. Barteri A2 Anubias Barteri var. Coffeefolia A3 Anubias Nana "Variegated" A4 Anubias Barteri "Broadleaf" N1 Nuphar Simadai N2 Nuphar Luteum N3 Nuphar Japonicum var. Lubrotinctum N4 Nuphar Japonicum mini C Cryptocoryne Wendtii CN Crinum Calamistratum B Bolbtis Heudelotii NY1 Nymphaea Zenkeri "Red" NY2 Nymphaea Zenkeri "Green" MP1 Microsorium Pteropus "Latifolius" MP2 Microsorium Pteropus "Lectus" MP3 Microsorium Pteropus "Red Tip" MP4 Microsorium Pteropus "Windelov" M1 Monoselenium Tenerum from east Indonesia (without middle line of the Thallus) M2 Various Mosses M3 Chladophora Aegagropila "Moss Balls" M4 Red Brown moss DS Dancing Sand
Pontius Dannysony Congo Tetra Labio Bicolor Rasbora Hengeli Nanastomus Cardinal Tetra
Dancing Sand Driftwood