#59: 113L Aquatic Garden: Edge of the Forest
Matthew Pouw, Olympia Washington United States
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Awards and Judge Comments

I wish I'd had an aquarium like this when I was your age! Mine still consisted of plastic plants and bubbling treasure chests. I bet your fish appreciate the beautiful surroundings of this aqarium than they would have mine. The foreground still looks newly planted and the sword is too close to the glass and is getting cramped. Switching it with the Rotala would allow both to grow well and allow some sloping in the right front. Keep up the good work!

Phil Edwards

This is a lovely, enjoyable tank. And a great one to learn with. You are doing a wonderful job!

Karen Randall

Echinodorus in the foreground is impressive. Use of too big leaf plants is not good.

Takashi Amano

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
91 x 38 x 36 cm (36 x 15 x 14 in)
113L (30 gallons)
black plastic sheet
1x96 watt compact fluorescent light
Aquaclear 300 with sponges
Additional Information
The substrate is fertilized with Jobe houseplant sticks. Co2 is injected into the tank from two separate one liter bottles filled with a DIY yeast concoction. The Paracheirodon simulans were from a previous arrangement. I failed to catch them all as I transitioned into a new aquascape, so I left six or seven and they are content to shoal with my cardinal tetras. This arrangement has been up for eight months since my 13th birthday last December.
Edge of the Forest
1. rotala indica 2. echinodorus tenellus 3. echinodorus bleheri 4. hemiathus micranthemoides 5. "narrow leaf" microsorum pteropus 6. microsorum pteropus 7. sagittaria subulata 8. ludwigia palustris 9. nymphae lotus (zenkeri) 10. vescularia dubyana 11. eleocharis acicularis 12. anubias barteri var. nana
pterophyllum scalare, paracheirodon simulans, paracheirodon axelrodi, crossocheilus siamensis, otocinclus affinis, caridina japonica
40 pounds of gravel, 3 pieces of driftwood