#80: 454L Aquatic Garden: A Slice Of The Tropics
Phil West, Fleet Hants United Kingdom | E-mail: Wphilwe at aol.com
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Awards and Judge Comments

The plant arrangement was monotonous. The aquarium does not look big.

Takashi Amano

An attractive tank with a light, airy feel to it. You have clearly made an attempt at providing depth in the display, but it doesn't quite work. If your Cryptocoryne "crispatula" had been tucked behind one of the planting groups,one could have imagined turing the corner to go and see them. I am not fond of the artificial loong "wall", however, and the expanse of sand is awfully bright. When your little foreground Crypts grow in, they will help that problem.

Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
151 x 51 x 70 cm (59 x 20 x 28 in)
454L (120 gallons)
Painted with Black paint on the outside of the tank.
4 X Fluorescent Tubes X 122cm long. 2 Grolux and 2 Aquastar on timers to provide light for 3.5 hours, off for 2.5 hours and then on again for 5 hours.
Eheim 2217 external filter fitted with a sponge at the base, Biomax Biological Filter Media in the centre, a layer of aquarium filter wool.
Additional Information
The tank is injected with a Dupla Delta CO2 fertilization system connected to a 2kg bottle, that is attached to the lighting timers so comes on and off with the lighting. An Interpet Airvolution Aquarium Air Pump provided oxygen to the tank when the lights are off which is also connected to a timer.Attached to the return of the external filter is a TMC Vectron 25 watt UV sterilizer that is on 24 hours a day. 25% water changes are carried out every two weeks using 100% RO water with the addition of Tropic Marin Pro-Discus minerals
A Slice Of The Tropics
Cabomba piauhyensis, Hydrocotyle leucocephala Hydrocotyle rosae Australis Ludwigia repens Nymphaea Lotus Nymphaea stellata Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘shri lanka’ Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘green’ Cryptocoryne nevelli Cryptocoryne beckettii Cryptocoryne Crispatula Echinodorus Harbii Echinodorus Bolivianus Eustralls stellata Anubias Barteri var nana Blyxa japonica
Horsefaced loach – Acantopsis Dialuzona x 6 Neon tetra - Cheirodon innesi x 20 Black Phantom tetras – Hyphessobrycon Megalopterus x 12 Corydoras x 6 Plecostomus suckermoth x 2 Dwarf rainbows – Praecox Rainbows x 8 Red Rainbows - Glossolepis incisus x 5 Ruby shark - Labeo erythrurus x 1 Shrimps x 8 Emperor Tetra - Nematobrycon palmeri x 12 Penguin Fish - Thayeria Boehlkei x 15 Green Tiger Barbs - Barbus Tetrazona x 5 Botia striata x 1
Silver sand substrate with the addition of Pure Laterite. Sandstone rocks attached to Perspex to form wall of 15cm (left rear corner) and wall of 10cm (right rear corner. There are two caves made from Perspex in the right hand wall and a 1.5 inch tube running from front to back set in the back of the wall of the left hand side. Sandstone rocks loose to both front corners. Bogwood in the centre and right hand side.