#119: 245L Aquatic Garden: Asian Dutchman
Carré anthony, La Bonneville sur Iton Eure France
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Awards and Judge Comments

I like to see a melding of Dutch & Asian styles. I'd like to see a little better use of diagonal lines in the planting, and the Madagascar lace plent would be better placed not so close to the center of the tank. That said, it is a very pretty tank!

Karen Randall

I like your tank a lot the only problem I see is the Aponogeton! Personaly I don't think it belongs in a planted tank using stem plant only. Good trimming technique, as well as the composition!

Luis Navarro

I'm not too sure why it's called an Asian Dutchman. Well, the Dutch I can see - but where is the Asian. Never mind, it is a stylish layout with excellent growth.

Ole Pedersen

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
100 x 45 x 55 cm (39 x 18 x 22 in)
245L (65 gallons)
4xT5 39w " 3 6500k + one 4000k " + 2xT8 30W " 1 6500K + 1 4000K" + 2xT8 " 2 daylight". 10 h T5 and 11h T8.
2224 Eheim + aquaball eheim 600/h
Additional Information
CO2 dennerle + flipper " 1 b/s". Fertilisation dupla 24+ dupla plant.
Asian Dutchman
Bacopa australis, rotala rotundifolia, shinnersia rivularis, Cryptocoryne wendtii, ludwigia repens, ludwigia arcuata, rotala sp green, Limnophila sp, eleocharis acicularis, aponogeton madagscariensis, Hemianthus micranthemoides, Vesicularia dubyana
12 tetra cardinalis, 12 pristella maxiliaris, 1 ancistrus. 3 apisto agazissi. 12 Amano shrimp
Ground "laterite + sand + clay". Stones amano type.