#55: 340L Biotope Aquascape: In a Brazil Stream
Richard E Mason, Cape Town South Africa
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Aquascape Details

Tank Size
70 x 70 x 70 cm (28 x 28 x 28 in)
340L (90 gallons)
250 micron black plastic sheeting
5x T5’s grouped 2-2-1 and switched on at staggered 30 minute timed intervals to simulate sunrise, and off again to simulate sunset. The lights are all on together for 6hrs only.
Canister Filter (700L/hr) is used mainly to provide slight water movement. The plants do the main filtering.
Additional Information
Research for this low-tech biotope (set up in November 2008) was done on the internet. Maintenance is minimal. I only change 20% water once every 3 months and add a liquid plant food made by a local biochemistry professor. I rinse the filter sponges every 12 months and only trim plants when they block my view, or the light. No CO2 is added.
In a Brazil Stream
Echinororis parviflorus ; Echinororis bleheri ; Echinororis bolivianus; vallisneria
Pterophyllum leopoldi, (Leopoldi angels - wild caught) x7 ; Hemigrammus rhodostomus, (Rummy nose tetra) x23 ; Dianema urostriatum, (Flagtail catfish) x1 ; Corydora similis x5 ; Corydora schwartzi x5 ; Otocinclus Affinis x5 ; Pomacea canaliculata (Apple snail) x1 ; Helisoma nigricans (Red Ramshorn snails)
Smooth washed river stones Vine roots Substrate consists of a mix of 50% local rose and shrub mix with 50% river soil, which has is topped with 20mm course river sand.