#463: 35L Aquatic Garden: Look under my dress
David Barandiaran, grenade France | E-mail: david.barandiaran at gmail.com
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Awards and Judge Comments

Very nice and impressive layout in such a small space, with good details and natural atmosphere. The bushes in the background at the right side could be better and more adensed. The main wood is too horizontal. Perhaps if the wood follows the perspective angle, the layout gains more depth's sense and movement. But anyway, it's a great layout that impressed me so much. Congratulations

André Longarco

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
40 x 32 x 28 cm (16 x 13 x 11 in)
35L (9 gallons)
White plexiglass
2 * Led DENNERLE Nano Power 5.0W + 1 Led Chihiros A401
Filter Eden 511
Look under my dress
Eleocharis Sp 'Mini' Micranthemum Sp 'Monte Carlo' Ranunculus papulentus Hemianthus Micranthemoides Staurogyne repens Hydrocotyle tripartita eriocaulon sp Crepidomanes sp. blyxa japonica Bucephalandra Cherry Bucephalandra mini Velvet green / microleaf Riccardia chamedryfolia Buce moss Fissidens sp. Fontanus mini / Fox Vesicularia sp. sinensis
10 Poropanchax normani Neocaridina heteropoda
Seiryu Stones Asia Roots