#564: 360L Biotope Aquascape: ORINOCO
Javier Alonso Lecuna, mexico city Distrito Federal México | E-mail: adiestramientolecuna at yahoo.com.mx
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Awards and Judge Comments

The fish and water color are right, you were correct to leave out plants. However, the driftwood arrangement is not natural looking.

Karen Randall

While technically a biotope in the sense that the fish could potentially be found together in the wild, the hardscape arrangement follows traditional aquascaping techniques rather than giving a more natural impression. It is still a well done tank and ranked fairly highly with me.

Phil Edwards

Aquascape Details

Tank Size
120 x 60 x 50 cm (47 x 24 x 20 in)
360L (95 gallons)
black foam
kessil A 80 2 t5 x 54w
Additional Information
biotope that recreates an area of ​​the Orinoco river that has the peculiarity of having dark waters by the organic matter that it contains, creating an ideal place for the proliferation of species such as the paracheirodon axelrodi.
50 hemigrammus rhodostomus 70 paracheirodon axelrodi 2 mikrogeophagus ramirezi
driftwood, sand, river rock, almond leaf.