AGA Aquascaping Contest

Welcome to the Second AGA International Aquascaping Contest.

Focusing on aquascaping in freshwater and brackish aquaria as well as paludariums, this event has been designed as a forum for both display and learning. Aquarists of all ages and experience levels were invited to submit entries. And that they did! We received 60 entries from all over the world: Germany, Singapore, Turkey, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, India, Canada, and the USA. Many world styles are represented within these entries.

Before you view the entries, I'd like to personally thank our judges, Wim van Drongelen, Pim Wilhelm, Jeff Kropp (who has included his own aquarium, unjudged, in the showcase), and Karen Randall (who filled in at the last minute for a judge who couldn't make it).

I'd also like to thank our volunteers, most notably Ken Guin, Dave Vanderwall and Bob Olesen for spreading the word, Charlene Nash and Diana Lum for handling the prizes in coordination with the AGA Convention, and Dave Gomberg for the ribbons.

And finally, thanks to the many manufacturers and retailers who donated prizes for the contest.

--- Erik Olson
9 November 2001