#71: 76L Aquatic Garden

rachel lusby portland, United States


A tank with a high tech look.
— Wim van Drongelen
It would be hard not to love this charming little antique tank! The aquarist has put together a lovely display. I get the feeling however that this is not a long-term tank. The gravel looks too clean and the plants look short and newly planted as opposed to recently trimmed. That is not to say it won't mature into an even more attracive aquascape but it just looks a little too new. The tank would also benefit greatly from an appropriate backing.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 61 × 30 × 41 cm
Volume 76L
Background none
Plants java fern(windelov), rottala, bolbtis heudelotii, anubis nana, cabomba, micro sword, java moss, narrow leaf rotala
Animals rasbora espi, emerald eye rasbora
Materials natural gravel, wood

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