AGA Aquascaping Contest

Welcome to the 2003 AGA International Aquascaping Contest, our fourth year!

Focusing on aquascaping in freshwater and brackish aquaria as well as paludariums, this event has been designed as a forum for both display and learning. Aquarists of all ages and experience levels were invited to submit their work. 63 entries were again judged (same as last year!), and in my opinion, quality continues to improve. I beleive we are starting to move into a new era, as entrants are starting to talk about styles and influence.

Make sure to click on the "Change Size" link above before viewing, especially if you have a large display capable of showing multiple images side-by-side!

We had a crack tean of five judges this year, husband and wife George and Karla Booth (judging separately), DFWAPC bigwig (and their only member who didn't enter his own tank this year) Bailin Shaw, AGA workhorse extraordinare Karen Randall, and special guest celebrity judge Ole Pedersen from Tropica! As you're about to see, they had some very difficult choices to make.

I'd also like to thank our volunteers, specifically Dave VanderWall, Erica Mito and Dennis Sheriden for their PR work.

--- Erik Olson
14 November 2003