#22: 567L Paludarium Mudskipper Heaven

David Lass Nahant, United States


This looks like a great home for your mud skippers and I'm sure it is fun to watch. But it needs a little sprucing up for an aquascape contest. Lose the plastic frogs hide the wooden blocks behind the tank and clean up the glass before photographing and it will present a much nicer picture!
— Karen
Interesting tank with some neat inhabitants. I like the mudskippers. The plants look like they could use a little more light and some of your selections aren't really aquatic plants like they're being used. Although picky I'm not a fan of the filmed over glass and the branchy driftwood would look better not being chopped off.
— Bailin

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 183 × 46 × 61 cm
Title Mudskipper Heaven
Volume 567L
Lighting 2 -- 55 watt power compact 5500 Kelvin, 2 -- 55 watt actinic blue
Filtration Waterfall is pumped through a HOT Magnum, with the motor of the magnum not turned on.
Plants Amazon Swords, Brazilian Swords, Java Ferns, Crypts, Mondo Grass, Philodenrons, Bromeliad, African Violet.
Animals Indian Mudskippers, assorted other small fish like black ruby barbs, guppies, plecos, pearl gouramis.
Materials #2 gravel, driftwood, shale
Additional Information Mudskippers really like the waterfall, and it keeps the air in the paludarium moist. Glass covers fit tightly. Water heated to around 80 degrees F. 10 -- 20% of the water changed every two weeks.

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