#27: 340L Aquatic Garden rainbow garden

joel baloro vancouver, Canada


Bright and eye-catching tank. The composition is a little weak but I like the planned-for succession of combining both Riccia and Lilaeopsis on the bottom of the tank. When the Riccia gets overgrown or too much of a bother the Lilaeopsis is already there to replace it. While either the Boesemani rainbows or the tetra schools would be nice I find their inclusion in the same tank a little jarring. Both in terms of color also knowing what different environments they come from.

When I went back to look for the last year's entry I had a hard time identifying this tank it had changed so much! The clue was the combination of Rainbows and tetras. There are many less Rainbows this year that leads me to believe that conditions favor the tetras.
— Karen
Nice looking tank with a very striking stand of Cryptocoryne in the front of the tank. Also some beautiful rainbowfish that seem at home in this garden. I'd suggest moving the hygro towards the back in a tighter bunch and smoothing out the riccia to blend with the foreground better. Very nice tank.
— Bailin

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 122 × 46 × 30 cm
Title rainbow garden
Volume 340L
Background black paper
Lighting four 55 watt compact flourescents, one 40 watt flourescent
Filtration eheim pro 2026
Plants (1)anubias barteri var. nana - (2)bacopa caroliniana - (3)cryptocoryne wendtii 'mi oya' - (4)heteranthera zosterifolia - (5)hygrophila corymbosa - (6)lilaeopsis brasiliensis - (7)microsorum pteropus 'windelov' - (8)riccia fluitans - (9)rotala wallichii
Animals crossocheilus siamensis
hemigrammus bleheri
melantaenia boesemani
otocinclus spec. aff. affinis
paracheirodon axelrodi
trichogaster leeri
Materials red sea plant substate mixed with river gravel
Additional Information diy co2 attached to intake of eheim.

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