#3: 23L Aquatic Garden Work Break

Dave VanderWall Minneapolis, United States


This is a rugged sturdy aquascape sure to be enjoyed by its owner for years to come. It gets full marks for viability. Unfortunately while asymetry is sometimes a very good thing the design of this tank is jarringly off balance. Additionally One large Java fern leaf is badly deteriorated and should have been removed. This is a shame because otherwise the tank is in vibrant good health and looks like it has been meticulously maintained. A couple of points were also lost due to the lone cardinal tetra. Either take him back to the store or get him some friends. These fish should never be kept singly. A group of 6 would be minimum and even that is on the low side.
— Karen
Overall a nice tank in the early stages. The selection of anubias for the tank is a little unusual with the barteri being a little too large for the tank. Also I'd suggest trimming dead leaves before taking pics in the future and the plants look like they need a little fertilization. Good first effort.
— Bailin

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 20 × 41 × 30 cm
Title Work Break
Volume 23L
Background none
Lighting 15W fluorescent
Filtration floss, bio-wheel
Plants crypts, java fern, anubias, christmas moss
Animals dwarf gourami, cardinal tetra, midget suckermouth catfish, shrimp (japonica)
Materials plain, fine gravel (w/ laterite), small rocks, plastic log decoration
Additional Information yeast fermentation CO2

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