#43: 284L Aquatic Garden The Hill

Ricky Cain Athens, United States

Awards and Comments

Honorable Mention
This aquarist clearly put a great deal of effort into this design. However it is a little stark for my tastes and could be improved with some tasteful rockwork. It is well designed in terms of longevity though. The plants used should make it fairly straightforward to keep the same "feeling" for a long time!
— Karen
Incredibly unique and vibrant tank! You should be commended on keeping the "hill" in place without it disintegrating as is the case with most mounds. The plants all look incredibly healthy and the driftwood covered with the narrow leaf java fern mimics a tree. Very nice!
— Bailin

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 122 × 46 × 53 cm
Title The Hill
Volume 284L
Background Plastic ceiling light panel painted blue.
Lighting 220W CF 10 hours per day
Filtration Eheim 2028
Plants Cypherus helferi, Eleocharis acicularis, Microsorium pteropus "narrow leaf", Microsorium pteropus "Windelov"
Animals 28 - Hemigrammus erythrozonus, 5 - Otocinclus affinis.
Materials Two pieces of driftwood "fused" to make low a profile centerpiece. The hill is a mound of Flourite substrate and white Dekoline quartz around the perimeter.
Additional Information Eheim pressurized CO2, Seachem Flourish dosed 8ml 2x week, Seachem Fe 15ml roughly everyday, KNO3, K & PO4 dosed as needed.

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