#45: 110L Aquatic Garden

Tim Cincotta Dallas, United States


Impressive plant growth good balance and play of colours
— Ole
Wonderful!!! The different plant species have been used in a way to make this tank quite easy to maintain with slower growing species serving as the "bones" while the stem plants that must be trimmed more frequently provide a bright splash of color.
— Karen
The blue backdrop detracted from the overall composition.
— George
A very nicely aquascaped tank. The two sections of the tank complement each other and the different leaf textures make this an interesting tank to observe. Allowing the Ludwigia to grow in fuller is my only minor suggestion. Very nice tank!
— Bailin

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 76 × 30 × 46 cm
Volume 110L
Background Painted: blue spray paint
Lighting 72 watt, PC
Filtration Eheim 2222 and small power head for added circulation at bottom of tank.
Plants (1) Eleocharis acicularis,(2) Anubias nana,(3) Cryptocoryne retrospiralis,(4)Ludwigia glandulosa, (5)Eusteralis stellata, (6) Bacopa Monnieri, (7) Microsorum pteropus
Animals 11 Pseudomutil gertrudae, 2 Rasbora maculata, 6 Caradina japonica, 6 Neocaridia denticulata var. red
Materials Anubias and Java Fern attached to driftwood.
Additional Information Flourish, Flourish Iron, N03,P04, K, Substrate: Flourite

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