#53: 270L Aquatic Garden Cranes Park

Andrew Ward Surbiton, United Kingdom


In spite of a kind of hodge-podge of both plant and fish species this tank makes rather a strong first impression because of the nice use of driftwood. A quick and immediate improvement would be to get rid of all the roots hanging from the Limnobium.
— Karen
Very interesting arrangement. This should improve a lot with more plant growth.
— George
What an incredible piece of driftwood! With the addition of some more Anubias this tank has a lot of potential. Some of the species of plants that are meant to act as centerpieces actually detract from the aquascaping. Also if I'm not mistaken I think the palm like plant in the back is not a true aquatic plant.
— Bailin

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 122 × 46 × 61 cm
Title Cranes Park
Volume 270L
Background Black
Lighting Flora Glow and Aqua glow 42
Filtration Eheim 2026, Efi Mech and Efi Substrat
Plants Chamaedrea, Cryptocorin Nevelli, Hottonia, Echinodorous Osiris, Nuphar Japonica, Microsorium Pteropus, Anubias Barteri nana, Cryptocorin Wendtii, Anubias Barteri, Echinodorous Bleheri, Nymphaea Lotus, Limnobium, Vesicular Dubyana, Cryptocorin Diversen.
Animals Neons, Danios, Dwarf Gouramis, Corydoras Julii, Corydoras Sterbai, Corydoras Adolfoi, Corydoras Paleatus, Corydoras Metae, Corydoras Kenei, Hoplosternum, Whiptail and 3 Plecs.
Materials Lime bearing pea gravel, laterite, driftwood.
Additional Information Dutch CO2 producing metal plate thingy. Rena Cor heating cable

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