#55: 246L Aquatic Garden Water Colors

Valerie Grove Houston, United States


I really like the v-shaped wood and the way the aquarist has allowed the plants to echo and enhance that shape. I like everything about this tank but the white angel fish. I much prefer naturally colored fish!
— Karen
Excellent use of driftwood to blend all the elements together and achieve a nice visual flow.
— George
The groups of plants have some excellent color and look very vibrant in the tank. However I feel that the two pieces of driftwood distract the eye and pull it away from the plants and fish. In their current position they're too overpowering and could stand to be moved back some. I would also move the Ammania toward the middle and bring out that bunch of Cryptocoryne.
— Bailin

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 122 × 41 × 46 cm
Title Water Colors
Volume 246L
Background Store-bought black plastic hung on back of tank
Lighting Osram Luminux Plus 38 W - warm white (one) and cool white (one), and 13 watt compact fluorescent screw-in type bulbs (two).
Filtration Eheim 2126 Thermofilter, Eheim 2213.
Plants 1. Ammannia gracilis, 2. Alternanthera reineckii, 3. Anubias barteri var nana, 4. Bacopa caroliniana, 5. Ceratopteris thalicthroides, 6. Cryptocoryne wendtii, 7. Echinodorus Ozelot Green, 8. Echinodorus tenellus (broadleaf), 9. Eusteralis stellata, 10. Hygrophila augustifolia aroma, 11. Marsilea augustifolia, 12. Microsorum pteropus "Windelov", 13. Vesicularia dubyana
Animals Two gold veiltail angelfish, 20 cardinal tetras, two royal zebra plecos, two Botia striata, three SAEs, four Otocinclus cats, four fan shrimp
Materials Substrate is hand collected river gravel from a trout stream in central PA (80%) mixed with flourite (20%). Two large pieces of driftwood.
Additional Information I also run a UV light sterilizer, a chiller and CO2

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