#64: 38L Biotope/Natural Aquaria What's a Nubian?

Phil Edwards Charlotte, United States

Awards and Comments

Second Place
Attractive little tank and if you actually had the fish you mentioned I would give it higher points! As it is it hardly counts as a biotope.
— Karen
Nice arrangement of simple shapes.
— George
Overall a nicely aquascaped tank in line with the biotope idea. The anubias looks healthy and vibrant and the overall placement of wood and plants is nice. The absence of fish detracts a little from this setup. A nice african tetra or dwarf African cichlid would be a nice addition to the tank.
— Bailin

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 51 × 25 × 30 cm
Title What's a Nubian?
Volume 38L
Background Matte Black Rust-O-Leum
Lighting 2x 13watt PC Fluorescent 7100K
Filtration Whisper Mini with Polyester Pillow Filling.
Plants Anubias barteri v. nana
Animals None. I may add a pair of Nanochromis transvestitus or Pelvichachromis pulchur in the future, but right now I'm enjoying having a plant only aquarium inhabited by the odd snail and water bug.
Materials Mopani wood, sand/gravel mix, river rocks, leaf litter
Additional Information This aquascape started out as a place to house some fish and anubias I didn't want to get rid of after a move. Once the fish were back in their intended home I needed to figure out what to do with a 10g tank full of anubias. I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to do with it at first. One day I was looking through a guide to West African Cichlids and the thought just popped into my head. I went home that night and scrounged around in some boxes and found all the parts I needed for this little piece of Africa. All the plants are either the original immigrants from my old tanks or are cuttings/off shoots of the same. The only thing I didn't already have was the leaf litter, which has been generously provided by the trees in my yard.

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