#65: 76L Biotope/Natural Aquaria Colored Pencils

Phil Edwards Charlotte, United States


Very convincingly done. As with the brackish tank I wonder how easy it will be to maintain.
— Karen
Interesting tank. I like the flooded root effect mimicing the Amazon biotope. Although Mayaca fluvitalis is indigenous to the Amazon a better choice of plants would have improved the tank. Small swords would add more depth to the tank. Nice layout otherwise.
— Bailin

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 76 × 33 × 33 cm
Title Colored Pencils
Volume 76L
Background Custom-made. Please see Additional Info.
Lighting 2x40w T12 Fluorescent
Filtration Penguin 180
Magnum 350w/Micron for water polishing
Plants Mayaca fluviatilis
Animals Nannostomus beckfordi "Red Pencilfish"
Materials Sand and gravel mix, leaf litter, and twigs
Additional Information This is my first foray into two aquarium modifications. 1: Custom in-tank backgrounds and 2: removing the top rim of an aquarium.

The background is made of driftwood, pond sealant foam, epoxy, and sand.

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