#68: 454L Biotope/Natural Aquaria Mbuna Vegas

mike williams mocksville, United States


A striking display but not very natural looking. The plants look like thy were stuck in as an after thought. When it is appropriate not to use plants I'd rather NOT see plants than have them added for little reason.
— Karen
Impressive at first glance but the rock looks a little unnatural - like Las Vegas.
— George
This is a good setup for Mbuna and the crevices allow the fish to establish their own little territories. The only critical thing is the placement of the java fern and anubias. I think the anubias would be better down near the base of the rocks but that's minor. The java fern looks as though it was a recent addition and seems a little out of place. Otherwise it's a nice setup.
— Bailin

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 152 × 46 × 66 cm
Title Mbuna Vegas
Volume 454L
Background blue fade
Lighting CoraLife 10,000k & CoraLife Actinic (80 watts total)
Filtration 2 Fluval 404's and 1 Magnum 350
Plants Anubias and Java Ferns
Animals 2 Pseudotropheus Zebra (Albino) 1M 1F,
3 Pseudotropheus Zebra (Red) 1M 2F,
2 Labidochromis Chismulae 1M 1F,
2 Bristlenose Plecos,
3 Synodontis Petricola,
1 Maylandia crabro M,
8 Labidochromis caeruleus 3M 5F,
4 Maylandia callainos 1M 3F,
1 Pseudotropheus OB Zebra,
3 Astatotilapia calliptera 1M 2F,
Materials substrate- fine crushed granite / rocks- 175 lb of slate

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