#80: 1512L Paludarium Artia Cove

Lee Clifton and Mike Senske Houston, United States

Awards and Comments

Second Place
This is a beautiful tank and the aquarist has in this tank tried to favor the water section. With less plants above there is more light on the water and a nice selection of plants are growing well as a result. Everything is a trade off.. Definitely the planting of this tank is nicer below the water line than #78 & 79 but I think the overall impact of the tank is a tad less. There is less cohesive design to the emersed planting and the red fish are jarring.
— Karen
Good balance of color and texture.
— George
Wow! Fabulous paludarium! I especially like the effect of the Cyperus helferi draped over the surface of the water and the improved lighting really brings out the aquarium section. This make the transition from the terrarium to the aquairum section very easy to perceive. Placement of the plants are very natural and add to the serenity of the tank.
— Bailin

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 183 × 91 × 91 cm
Title Artia Cove
Volume 1512L
Background black paint
Lighting 2 - twin-tube VHO fluorescent 72" fixtures (440 watts) 2-10K bulb, 1-Actinic Blue + 1 Trichromatic
Plants Cyperus helferi, Anubias nana, A. coffeafolia, Cryptocoryne wendtii Red, Telanzia sp., fern sp. (others unknown)
Animals Furcata Rainbow, Pterophyllum scalare (wild angelfish), Red velvet swordtail, Otocinclus catfish, Algae-eating shrimp
Materials "Branched" driftwood, "Special Red" rock, "New Line" natural gravel, Terra-Lit, Flourite

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