#112: 378L Aquatic Garden Easy Does It

Gordon Hartmann Monona, United States

Awards and Comments

First Place
I like the "lazy" sprawling impression that this layout provided me. I am sure you can just lay back and watch it float on by for days. Well executed design in a long tank with many areas which can intrigue the observer repeatedly.
— Ricky Cain
The ultimate low tech/low light aquarium! Here's another great example of a tank with as much to offer with the fish as it does with the plants. I wish more people knew how easy it was to have such an attractive aquarium.

Excellent use of low light tolerant red plants that also do not get too vibrant. In an aquascape with such subdued tones it's easy to use plants with too-bright reds that are out of balance with the rest of the aquascape. That Nymphaea is particularly beautiful. My only gripes with this aquascape is the cloudy water (which may be due to the lighting) and the slightly over-long moss.
— Phil Edwards
Nymphaea looks nice but it divides the layout. It should be placed in the right background.
— Takashi Amano
Lovely easy maintenance type tank. You have done a great job picking the types of plants that will work well in your specific conditions. I also like the fact that you have taken advantage of the red plants that do well in low light tanks. They make nice accents.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 183 × 46 × 46 cm
Title Easy Does It
Volume 378L
Background Black paper
Lighting (4) 25 watt NO T8 6700K, 100 watts total
Filtration Small internal powerhead with open cell sponge attached to a 5 foot spraybar along the back of the tank.
Plants Vesiclaria dubyana, Microsorium pteropus Windelov, Cryptocoryne crispatula Balansae, Cryptocoryne wendii Red and Brown, Anubias barteri Nana, Aunbias barteri Coffeefolia, Marsilea, Nymphaea lotus Red.
Animals Pseudomugil Gertrudae, Iriatheria werneri, Caridina Japonica.
Materials Contains branchy driftwood covered in java moss. Substrate is Diamond Pro baseball infield conditioner.
Additional Information Well established tank that requires very little maintenance. Setup three years ago. CO2 added via DIY pop bottle with an airstone. KNO3 added as needed. Weekly water changes using tap water provides necessary traces. Recent water parameters are KH=15, gH=22, NO3=12, P=.8, Fe=.5.
I was trying to create a nice display for a long tank with low light/power levels using corresponding plant species. This results in a stable and viable aquatic garden that beginners can accomplish using minimal resources and upkeep.

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