#120: 321L Aquatic Garden

Bùi Xuân Chương Hanoi, Vietnam


The first aquascape is the best as far as composition and state at the time of photography. However the lack of red plants and generally similar shade of green in all the species causes them to blend together so much that it all looks to be one group. Foliage texture can only do so much for creating interest. Including some different red stemplants with good horizontal characteristics such as Ammania will give color and texture contrast to the design. While the Nymphaea and Lotus (Nelumbo spp?) look nice with the reds and pink-greens their size makes more appropriate for the background than the foreground as in the second picture. Good use of hardscape to create depth this is one of the better aquascapes in the showcase as far as feeling of depth is concerned.
— Phil Edwards
Nymphaea and Aponogeton in the foreground might be problem. Small leaf plants should be used in the foreground.
— Takashi Amano
Interesting tank and fun to see how it has changed over time. It has a nice feeling of depth to it. But you really need to clean up around the tank and remove equipment before taking photos for an aquascaping contest.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 45 × 60 cm
Volume 321L
Lighting Osram 36W-860 x 4
Plants 1. Narrow leafed java fern, 2. Windelov fern, 3. Rotala macranda, 4. tenellus, 5. Tiger lotus, 6. Green wendtii, 7. Lotus sp., 8. Aponogeton sp., 9. Crypt sp., 10. Bolbitis fern, 11. Echinodorus sp.
Animals Neon tetras, Cardinal tetras, rasboras

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