#142: 170L Aquatic Garden

Brandon Lloyd Ottawa, Canada


I wish I were that discus! You've created a lovely home for it. It's been some time since I've seen an aquascape in the Dutch style as nice as this one. The plants contrast well with eachother and look very healthy. I'm a big fan of Cryptocoryne but in this tank that single sparse group just gets in the way of the hairgrass. Speaking of hairgrass the front parts near the glass could use some trimming. The lack of slope in the front takes away from the otherwise very well sloped design. Your discus will find it hard to eat in that tank. Opening up a patch in the hairgrass will allow it to peck at the ground as they prefer to do even with the use of a feeding cone.
— Phil Edwards
This tank is obviously growing like gangbusters. Almost to the point where it is a tad over crowded. It looks like the fish can hardly even break through the growth into the areas behind. Be careful with your plan to add more discus... a 45 gallon tank isn't really big enough for more than a pair. As a side note when you have a beautiful tank and a number of nice photos of it don't include the one that shows that the surface is not quite clear!
— Karen Randall
Too many plants for Discus tank. It is not easy to keep Discus in this tank.
— Takashi Amano

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 91 × 30 × 61 cm
Volume 170L
Background black
Lighting 1X96w PC 5000k and 2X55w PC 5500k
Filtration 2 canister filters - fluval 203 on left and fluval 303 on right(inline CO2 injection hooked up with fluval 303)
Plants 1. Micranthemum Micranthemoides 2. Rotala Indica 3. Mayaca Fluviatilis? 4. Rotala Wallichi 5. Eusteralis Stellata 6. Ceratopteris Thalictroides (Water Sprite) 7. Ludwiga Repens 18. Riccia Fluitans 9. Nymphaea Pubescens Lotus 10. Vesicularia Dubyana (Java Moss) 11. Hethanthera Zosterifolia 12. Barclaya Longifolia 13. Nymphaea Zenkeri Lotus(Red) 14. Elocharis Parvula (Hair Grass)
Animals Discus, Rummy Nose Tetras(13), Ottos (6), Algae Eating Shrimp(3), Siamese Algae Eater, Cockatoo Apistos(breeding pair)...more discus to come
Materials Eco-Complete substrate with Jobes plant sticks (for palms and ferns), 2 pieces of driftwood (a small stump on left side and another piece with riccia and java moss on the right side)
Additional Information Lights on timers 12/12, fertilize 2-3x wk following 'Barr method' for macros and Seachem Flourish 10ml 2-3x wk...(no flourish on day of water change though), use 10lb CO2 cylinder at approx. 15-20 bubbles/min. to keep pH about 6.5

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