#23: 160L Aquatic Garden Half nature and Half Holland.

Paulo Gatti Salvador, Brazil


Blending Dutch and Nature Aquarium styles certainly takes some courage. Credit is due for making the attempt. In this case though they're not mixing very well. When using discus in a planted tank is usually a good idea to pick only one color pattern and stick with that. The Cobalt and Pidgeonblood don't mix well together although they would look good in this tank separately.
— Phil Edwards
Well your tank is appropriately named! Unfortunately it doesn't work very well. Both ends of the tank are nice but they don't work together.
— Karen Randall
The layout composition is too delicate for Discus keeping tank. Open space without plants is necessary for keeping Discus.
— Takashi Amano

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 100 × 40 × 40 cm
Title Half nature and Half Holland.
Volume 160L
Background Blue shape
Lighting 2 x 40w Luz do dia + 2 x 40w Growlux 12 horas di
Filtration Millenium 2000 , Perlon
Plants 1-Glossostigma elatinoides,02-Eleocharis m
Animals 04-Symphysodon sp. 06-Hemigrammus rhodostomus, 06-Hemigrammus bleheri, 01-Apistograma cacatuoides, 04-Simpsonichthys fulminantis 03-Corydoras schwartzi, 01-Corydoras sterbai, 10-Otocinclus affinis.
Materials Wood.
Additional Information Data da Montagem: 25/12/2003
Substrato: Laterita + H

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