#32: 208L Aquatic Garden Newbie 55g aka "I'm in debt for this??"

Bobby Bernauer Lake Charles, United States


This aquascape reminds me of the Mexican flag. For being new at this it certainly looks as though you've learned how to place the plants. Learning to trim them is the next lesson and is honestly one of the hardest to learn how to do. When we've got lush well growing plants it can be difficult to make ourselves cut them. It is in their best interest though. I bet the fish love all the cover they're getting right now. It wouldn't be a surprise if lots of babies show up when it is cut down.
— Phil Edwards
I think you have already met your goal... You already HAVE a peaceful eye-pleasing display for your apartment. While you may not win this contest I bet you have lots of oohs and ahhs from visitors as you should! It looks like you have mastered growing your plants and controlling algae. Now the next step is to practice your trimming technique! :-)
— Karen Randall
Too many stemmed plants in the foreground. It looks better if it has an open space in the center.
— Takashi Amano

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 122 × 30 × 48 cm
Title Newbie 55g aka "I'm in debt for this??"
Volume 208L
Background Black rock backround
Lighting JBJ Formosa 4x65w 6500K
Filtration Proquatics Canister Filer 1600
Plants 1. Hemianthus micranthemoides (Baby tears)
2. Ludwigia repens
3. Telanthera Rosefolia (Alternanthera reineckii)
4. Hygrophilia difformis (Wisteria)
5. Hygrophila polysperma (Tropic Sunset)
6. Rotala magenta
7. Dwarf Hairgrass
Animals Neon tetras
Glowlight tetras
Delta Sunrise Guppies (female)
Fancy Guppies (male and female)
Zebra dainos (charity case)
1 female Betta (girlfriend got tired of it)
Materials 80 lbs Eco-Complete Substrate
Fake driftwood from Petsmart

Additional Information 5 lb pressurized CO2, Milwuakee regulator, SMS pH controller.RN

I am a total newbie and I am still trying to learn which fertilizers to put into the tank. I've just finally got over my algae problem, I had too much light, I run half of my lights now for 12 hours a day, and put all four 65w bulbs on for just a few hours a day now, and have almost zero algae. I've read I need to purchase enema cream to get phosphate or nitrate but I'm too embarassed to go to the drug store and ask for it!RN

My selection of fish is totally off, but I'm housing the zebras because my professor at school had them in our research tanks (fish gonadectomies) and we needed the room but instead of sacrificing them or giving them away I just took them :) (bonus charity points?) I started with the glowlight tetras because I thought they would look nice, but a tinge in my heart from childhood made me purchase the neons and then I saw how brilliant they looked in the bright fluorescent light and it made me want to stock more of them. I keep the guppies because I think they are beautiful as well, and its a boon that they seem to pick at algae. I've recently read that I could get picked on by the judges for having colorful guppies in a colorful tank. But,, I can't just get rid of them, so please be gentle with me.RN

I'm a newb, and I know that my tank isn't of the quality to do well at this competition, but I would just like the constructive criticism of the judges so that I can make adjustments to my tank and have a peacful, eye-pleasing display in my apartment.

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