#42: 76L Aquatic Garden Dabba Java

Rod Stewart Bedford, Canada


Nice healthy "beginner" type tank. The water sprite looks like an afterthought however and will quickly swamp the other plants.
— Karen Randall
This aquarium reminds me of my very first planted aquarium. It's hard to go wrong with the species of fish and plants chosen for this aquarium and it looks as though this one is no exception. The brightness of the Watersprite looks out of place and draws the eye more to the front of the tank than the back. Using it as a background plant or as a floater might help.
— Phil Edwards
Composition is too rough.
— Takashi Amano

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 61 × 30 × 41 cm
Title Dabba Java
Volume 76L
Background root background scene
Lighting 2 of 20 watt NO fluorescents
Filtration None,small powerhead for circulation
Plants Java Fern,Java Moss,Vallisneria,Water Sprite
Animals 6 Rosy Barbs,1 oto algae eater
Materials Pea gravel,few cobbles for terracing,driftwood
Additional Information A very simple beginner's tank with easy to grow plants.I fertilize the grass with a root tab once a month.

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