#8: 560L Aquatic Garden Resting Place

Oliver Knott Graben-Neudorf, Germany

Awards and Comments

Best of ShowFirst Place
Excellent aquascape! The beautiful yellow/greens in the middle work very well with the orange-reds in the upper portions of the stemplants as well as with the vivid green of the foreground. The bunch of moss in the middle of the stemplants is a good foil to the otherwise solid color of the Limnophila. The topmost plants are just a bit too spread out on the surface. It appears to be only a matter of a couple days worth of growth and is really a minor matter as is the white label in the top right corner. Long term maintenance could be an issue as well.
— Phil Edwards
It is a very beautiful layout. The selection of the fish was excellent. However it might be difficult to maintain the aquascape for a long period.
— Takashi Amano
Oh I like this tank very much! Beautiful unusual plants to set off beautiful fish! I do wish you had included some plants with a different leaf shape and tone however. The aquascape is also ALMOST past prime... If the pictures had been taken before so many plants reached the surface I think it might have been even nicer.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 130 × 70 × 70 cm
Title Resting Place
Volume 560L
Background flat black background from Juwel
Lighting T5 tubes - 6500 Kelvin: 4 x 54 Watt and 1 x 39 Watt
Filtration Eheim Thermofilter professionel II 2128,
UV-lamp (9Watt-Tetra)
Plants (3)Limnophila aromatica,
(1) Ludwigia spec. "Cuba" (Ludwigia inclinata var. verticilata),
(2) Eusteralis stellata,
(6) Hemianthus callitrichoides,
(5) Riccia fluitans,
(4) Vesicularia dubyana
Animals Puntius(Barbus)denisonii,
Otocinclus paulinus (spec. "Negro"),
Caridina japonica
Materials fertilizer substrate: PowerSand Special (ADA),
bottom / ground: AquaSoil "Malaya" (ADA),
driftwood: special moor root (select in Germany)
Additional Information PH: 6.80, KH: 3-4, automatically fertilizing dosing system (1ml each day), ground heating system, cooling ventilation fan over the lamp

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