#15: 2600L Biotope Aquascape Tanganyika dreams

Jesper Taustrup Ryomgård, Denmark

Awards and Comments

First Place
Attractive rockwork. I can tell from your list that there are fish in the tank but we can't see any in the photos!
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 200 × 180 × 70 cm
Title Tanganyika dreams
Volume 2600L
Background Special made moduls from Back to Nature.
Lighting 2 x T5 ocean white and 3 x T5 Blue light
Filtration A sump on 450 lites with HMF filter material driven by two Powerheads one 2000 l/h and the second on 3000 L/h. The powerhead on 2000 l/h pumps the water return to the first champer the second one pumps directly into the aqaurium.
Plants non
Animals 30 Xenotilapia ornatipinnis "Burundi",
20 Cyprichomis leptosoma "Kitumba",
5 Julidochromis ornatus,
10 Lamprologus ocellatus Gold.
Materials Rocks from all over the world and
beach sand added with some gravel.
Empty shells from the Tanganyika snail "Neothauma tanganyicense.
Additional Information The last image is a modulated miniature model of the custom-made Back to Nature Modules are designed for the aquarium on a scale of 1 / 10 set in a cardboard box.

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