#169: 231L Biotope Aquascape Tributary's Mekon River


Awards and Comments

Third Place
This tank shows that a biotope can be relatively accurate and beautiful at the same time!
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 105 × 49 × 45 cm
Title Tributary's Mekon River
Volume 231L
Background Black
Lighting 4 x 39 W T5
Filtration Tetratec 1200
Plants 1- Hygrophyla difformis ; 2- Rotala indica
Animals Rasbora espei x 30
Crossocheilus siamensis x 6
Materials Wood named "asia", River Pebbles
Additional Information I have tried to reproduce a river temporarily taken out of his usual bed (with pebbles). The amber color of water was obtained with some peat.
I have asked help from several specialists of plants (Stephan Hummel, Ole Pederson) to make this biotop.
pH = 6,5 ; GH = 7° ; T = 25°C

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