#17: 25L Aquatic Garden Moss Spot

Levente Surányi Budapest, Hungary


Nice healthy growth but a little too much of too many mosses. there is no place for the eye to rest and no clear definition to the tank.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 40 × 25 × 25 cm
Title Moss Spot
Volume 25L
Background Black background film
Lighting DIY with 1x24w Dulux L Daylight (5400K) Osram
Filtration Eheim 2211 (300l/h) ceramic rings
Plants -Cryptocoryne parva
-Fissidens fontanus
-Taxiphyllum sp.(Flame moss)
-Taxiphyllum sp.(Spiky moss)
-Taxiphyllum barbieri(Java moss)
-Bolbitis heudelotii
-Eleocharis x
Animals 7 x Rasbora maculata
3 x Otocinclus affinis
3 x Puntius gelius
20 x Sakura shrimp
3 x Caridina multidentat
Materials ADA amasonia,Savanna wood, Seiryu stones
Additional Information Fertilizer: KNo3, K2So4, KH2Po4, Micro+, carbo
Co2: 2 kg cylinder, Dennerle regulator, glass diffuser and counter
Water parameters: Gh: 12 Kh: 8, Ph: 6,8-7, Po4: 0,8, No3: 3, Fe: 0,1

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