#54: 67L Aquatic Garden Separated by the river

Filipe A. Alves Oliveira Matosinhos, Portugal


Nice "tree scape" skillfully done. I'm not wild about the small pieces of wood randomly placed along the stream though.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 55 × 35 × 35 cm
Title Separated by the river
Volume 67L
Background External lighting into white background
Lighting ELOS E-lite (Leds lighting system)
Filtration Aquaclear 30
Plants Eleocharis parvula, Lilaeopsis mauritiana and Singapure moss.
Animals Microrasbora erythromicron, Otocinclus affinis, Red Cherry shrimps and Corydora pygmaeus.
Materials Substrate: Elos Terra Zero, Elos Bottom mineral,Elos Terra and decorative sand; Rocks and wood: Seiryu stone and forest wood.
Additional Information Daily fertilization with Elos Professional line (Fase1, Fase2, Extra1 and K40), Water change of 25% once a week.

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