#115: 180L Aquatic Garden 万天 Firmament

Chow Wing Ki Hong Kong, China

Awards and Comments

First Place
Aw-sum layout very good use of stone. The rippling water on the top created by a gentle blower avoids the reflection during photography from a lower angel.
— Inderjeet Singh Bansal
The layout arrangement is impressive. The use of perspective lines of stones is very original and natural. The use of side glass reflections is skillful and the aquarium seems endless ... Congratulations for this piece of art.
— Luca Galarraga
Amazing rock work. Great depth. Love the plant growth on the rocks without obscuring them. Very well done. Utricularia graminifolia has a great look in the scape but is not a particularly easy plant to keep long term.
— Drinda Jacobson
Absolut impressive the rock formation is great.
— Oliver Knott

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 100 × 45 × 40 cm
Title 万天
Volume 180L
Lighting Arcadia Series 3 Pendant -
T8 fluorescent 30 Watt x 2 (8-10hrs daily), MH 150 Watt x 2 (4hrs daily)
Filtration Canister Filter (1000L/hr) X 2
Biological Ceramic Rings, Filter Foams
Plants Elatine triandra,
Elatine hydropiper,
Hemianthus callitrichoides,
Utricularia graminifolia,
Vesicularia ferriei
Animals Paracheirodon simulans,
Otocinclus affinis
Materials ADA Amazonia soil, ADA Manten Stone
Additional Information ADA Brighty K, ADA Green Brighty SPECIAL

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