#159: 112L Aquatic Garden Wind’s Course

Nenad Djordjevic and Aleksandar Stojanovic Zajecar, Serbia


This aquascape has a nice flow and I like the light colored rock against the dark green plants. It's just a little bit busy with too many different plant species.
— Karen Randall
I liked the use of space and hardscape position but some plants can be in better conditions mostly the L. arcuata H. micranthemoides and H. calitrichoides. Probably this problem can be solved with a better fertilizing system.
— Luca Galarraga
Nice scape. Good use of space. Love the flora nestled into the rocks. A few too many species of flora for the space as it's hard to find one main focal point.
— Drinda Jacobson
Left side plants could have been bit similar to the right. Would look more balanced. Good arrangement in the center
— Inderjeet Singh Bansal

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 70 × 40 × 40 cm
Title Wind’s Course
Volume 112L
Background Black paper.
Lighting 6 x T8
Filtration Atman EF-4
Plants 1. Hemianthus callitrichoides, 2. Hemianthus micranthemoides, 3. Hottonia palustris, 4. Ludwigia arcuata, 5. Cyperus helferi, 6. Monosolenium tenerum, 7. Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides, 8. Microsorum pteropus "Windelov", 9. Microsorum pteropus ''Narrow'', 10. Microsorum pteropus "Philippine", 11. Ranunculus inundatus, 12. Taxiphyllum sp. (spilky moss), 13. Staurogyne sp., 14. Bolbitis heudelotii, 15. Rotala sp. “Green”, 16. Hygrophila pinnatifida
Animals Paracherirodom innesi
Tanichthys albonubes
Crossocheilus siamensis
Neocaridina heteropoda
Materials Rocks from Sicevo gorge and driftwood.
Additional Information JBL Aquabasis plus, Seachem Flourite Black Sand,Clear Super, Easy Life Pallet, Pressurized CO2 System (3 bubbles per second )

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