#270: 450L Aquatic Garden Forest Gump

Carlos Melin Horcades Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


This is an interesting scape. It needs more depth. The pool on the left draws the eye away from the scape. The Vals will get huge. With a bit more refinement and a few plant replacements this has great potential.
— Drinda Jacobson

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 130 × 50 × 70 cm
Title Forest Gump
Volume 450L
Background mirror
Lighting 400 watts of different light
Filtration Mechanical, biological and UV
Plants on photo
Animals 2 potanotrigon ystrix rays, 4 discus, 3 spiny eels, 2 cat fish (not present at the moment)
Materials stone and wood
Additional Information gravel fertilizer

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