#293: 65L Aquatic Garden 火鳳燎原 The Ravages of Time

Daniel Chow Chi Chun Shatin, Hong Kong


A nice mound shaped aquascape in a smallish tank. The wood is done beautifully and you've used a nice selection of plants. Unfortunately the straight band of plain gravel axross the front is distracting from an otherwise beautiful display.
— Karen Randall
The arrangement of plants and driftwood is wonderful but unfortunately the foreground looks too artificial.
— Luca Galarraga
Very fine layout with nice driftwood creation.
— Oliver Knott

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 30 × 36 cm
Title 火鳳燎原 The Ravages of Time
Volume 65L
Lighting 3 x ADA Straight-tube fluorescent lamp, 20W, 8hours per day
Filtration External Filter 300L/hrs
Plants Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Tropica',
Hygrophila pinnatifida,
Microsorum sp. From India,
Rotala sp.,
Staurogyne repens,
Utricularia graminifolia,
Taxiphyllum sp.
Animals Paracheirodon axelrodi,
Barbus gelius,
Parotocinclus sp.
Materials ADA Amazonia Soil,
ADA Mekong Sand,
Additional Information Tropica PLANT NUTRITION liquid,

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