#304: 12L Aquatic Garden pi'

Kim Pulkki Eskilstuna Sweden, Sweden


The layout isn't original but is well executed. A fault in this layout is that we cannot identify wich is the main stone ...
— Luca Galarraga
I like this little tank but the "valley is too close to the middle and to straight from front to back.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 cm
Title pi'
Volume 12L
Background Blue cardboard
Lighting 23W Vellemann 6500K
Filtration External filter
Plants Hemianthus callitrichoides 'Cuba', Riccardia chamaedryfolia
Animals Neocaridina heteropoda sp., Physa sp.
Materials Volcanic rocks and swedish råda sand.
Additional Information No fish because of the size. No CO2 was used. TMC soil.

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