#32: 76L Aquatic Garden Back to Nature

Reimond Po Malabon, Philippines


The main photo is too yellow for my taste. I think that the layout could be improved taking off some branches. And if you start to use liquid fertilizers your plants will look even better.
— Luca Galarraga

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 61 × 41 × 30 cm
Title Back to Nature
Volume 76L
Lighting 2x55watts PL with reflector
Filtration Hang on filter
Plants Spiky moss, Flame moss, Christmas moss, Weeping moss, HC, Staurogyne, Blyxia Japonica, Hottonia Palustris, UG, Anubias Nana Petite, Anubias Lanceleota, Didiplis Diandra
Animals Neon Tetra and Shrimps
Materials Volcanic sand top with ADA Amazonia, driftwoods and volcanic stones
Additional Information Pressurized co2, no fertilizers used.

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