#351: 450L Aquatic Garden PANDORA, the land of flying sparks

Marko Velikonja Ajdovscina, Slovenia


You getting from me my personal extra points for great ideas. Cool man!
— Oliver Knott

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 151 × 61 × 64 cm
Title PANDORA, the land of flying sparks
Volume 450L
Background Big picture outside, and self made islands inside the tand
Lighting 6x54W T5HO, 12 hours per day
Filtration Fluval FX5,
Fluval surface skimmer attached to small powerhead
Plants Didiplis diandra,
Fissidens fontanus,
Hygrophila pinnatifida,
Rotala rotundifolia,
Vesicularia dubyana "Christmas moss",
Vesicularia ferriei "weeping moss"
Animals Anostomus sp. 10pcs,
Caridina multidentata 50pcs,
Neocaridina heteropoda unknown number,
Otocinclus sp. 50pcs,
Paracheirodon innesi "diamant" 150pcs

Materials Seachem Flourite Black Sand,
Red wood,
Self made islands form lava stone and epoxy resin, attached to glass with strong magnets.
Additional Information 10ml Tropica plant nutrition+ daily,
10ml Tropica plant nutrition when needed

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